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Product : Sharp Air Purifier FU-W40A

Sharp Air Purifier FU-W40A
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Sharp Air Purifier FU-W40A
Air Purifier with HD Plasmacluster Ion System 


  • High-density Plasmacluster Ions
    - Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit generates high-density Plasmacluster ions
    - Inactivate airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens
    - Suppress growth of mold
    - Remove odor
  • HEPA Filter with Microbial Control
    - 99.97%*1 dust collection rate
    - Collect tiny dust, cigarette smoke*2 and pollen
    - Restrain growth of microbes
  • Washable Active Carbon Filter
    - Powerful deodorizing ability
    - Remove various kinds of odors, such as cigarette smoke*2, garbage odor, pet odor
    - Deodorizing ability can be restored after washing by water
  • Deformaldehyde Filter
    - Remove formaldehyde up to 96%
    - Remove various kind of odors, such as cigarette smoke*2, garbage odor, pet odor
  • Special "ION SHOWER" Operating Mode
    - Discharge concentrated Plasmacluster Ion in a shower-like pattern into the air for 15 minutes
    - Inactivate airborne viruses, mold and allergens effectively
    - Inactivate airborne irritants brought from outside
    - Purify household dust
  • "Pollen" Operating Mode
    - Remove pollen in the air effectively
  • Odor Sensor & Clean-Sign Light
    - Odor sensor can detect the room air quality
    - Clean-Sign Light indicates the room air conidtion
  • Quiet and Energy-Efficient Inverter Operation
    - Only 14dBA in "Silent" Operation
    - Invertor operation saves energy
  • Modern & Slim Design
    - Stylish design in diamond pattern

         *1 Dust collection efficiency of the filter for 0.3 micron particles.

         *2 Toxic substances found in smoke, such as carbon monoxide, cannot be removed






Sharp Air Purifier FU-W40A


Air Purifier with HD Plasmacluster Ion System 


Purification Method

HD Plasmacluster Ion / Fan

Automatic Operation by Sensor


Air Flow Mode

Maximum / Medium / Silent

Air Flow Rate 

240 (Maximum) 
156 (Medium)
30 (Silent)

Special Mode

Pollen Mode Operation 
Ion Shower Operation

Air Quality Indicator



HEPA Filter with Microbial Control
Washable Active Carbon Filter
Deformaldehyde Filter

Applicable Floor Area 


Power Source 
(V, Hz)

220, 50

Power Consumption 

38 (Maximum)
13 (Medium)
3.3 (Silent)

Outside Dimensions 
(W x H x D) (mm)

314 x 620 x 207



Design and specifications are current as of December 2009, but are subjected to change without prior notice.






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